For authority/organization in Vietnam applying for E-visa for foreigners

Before applying for E-visa for foreigners, inviting/guaranteeing authority/organization/individual must complete procedures to be provided an account and used an electronic signature.

Within 03 working days after receiving a completed dossier, the Immigation Department shall provide an account for authority/organization.

Procedure of applying for an account and an electronic signature is submitted once, except for changing registered information or the account is canceled in accordance with prescribed regulations.

Once being provided the account and authorization of electronic signature use, following these steps to apply for e-visa for foreigners:

Step 1: Use provided account to sign in, fulfill required information and submit.

Step 2: Enter information of foreigner applying for E-visa;

  • Upload foreigners' passport data page image and photograph (straight looking without glasses);
  • After submitting, each applicant will be provided with registration code.

Step 3: Use the electronic signature to sign on the application;

Step 4: Pay E-visa fee;

Step 5: Use provided account to check result. If approved, send the registration code to foreigner to print out E-visa and enter/exit Vietnam

* Note:

If there is any missing or incorrect/unidentified information, your application will not be accepted.

Confirmation of reading carefully instructions and having completed application